With experience that dates back to more than a century ago, Keppel Shipyard based in Singapore has become a leading ship repair yards in the world, having proven its reliability and commitment to excellence in ship repair, conversion and construction services time and again.


  • Keppel Shipyard has approximately a total of 2000+ Shipyard workers on the premises.
  • Required a robust time attendance system that offered advanced authentication methods such as biometric fingerprint and smart card technology for data reliability and integrity.
  • They also required the ability to allow multiple site installation that can be synchronised up to a central server to reduce the need for the worker to enrol at every single terminal.

Keppel Shipyards contacted ACTAtek PTE to provide them the right solutions for their needs. ACTAtek recommended their award winning Time Attendance solution with ACTAtek Agent.

  • IP 65 certified ACTAtek ACTAtek Combination MIFARE® Units used on site for outdoor installation.
  • ACTAtek units are setup in Primary & Secondary formats for unified synchronisation.
  • Every Shipyard worker are assigned an ACTAtek-formatted Mifare Smartcard.
  • To take daily time attendance, the Shipyard worker scans their Mifare Smartcard, followed by placing their Fingerprint for verification.
  • Dual Authentication allows increase accuracy and thus, greatly reduce the chances of FAR (False-Acceptance Ratio).
  • ACTAtek units are placed inside a container for Shipyard workers to take time attendance. Some ACTAtek units are configured as “IN”, while the other units would be configured as “OUT”.
  • Shipyard workers would log their attendance at any of the “IN” ACTAtek units when they are reporting for  work. Once they knocked off from work, they would log their attendance at any of the  “OUT” ACTAtek units.
  • TCP/IP network connection would be available inside the container.
  • ACTAtek Agent implemented to pool data from units into central server.

With the scale of the project, ACTAtek successfully implemented a solid and robust time attendance system that catered Keppel Shipyard’s needs to their satisfaction, praising ease of use, benefits of the new technology on offer and costs savings from additional hardware and time to implement.

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Simple Time & Attendance Application