Belize Natural Energy is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Belize in Central America. Their corporate mission is to provide a positive impact the Belizean people by efficiently finding, producing and marketing oil and gas in a healthy, safe, environmentally and socially conscious manner that fosters teamwork, creativity and professionalism.

  • Belize Natural Energy employs approximately around 180 people and still growing.
  • Belize Natural Energy needed to be able to keep track of all of their employee attendance and punctuality records quickly and easily.
  • They were also looking for an Access Control system that can cater their security needs and perimeter management.
  • Previously using log books which was time consuming and can be error prone.

Derek Davis, Systems Analyst for Belize Natural Energy was assigned to find a viable Time Attendance solution for the company where he found ACTAtek Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control Solutions:

“It met all the requirements we were looking for and could be used for both time and attendance and access control as we were also looking for access control solutions. So I thought this would be the perfect unit to meet our needs.” 

ACTAtek was assigned to provide Belize Natural Energy with the following solutions:

  • Multiple ACTAtek biometric fingerprint terminals was sent and installed on the Belize Natural Energy site
  • ACTAtek terminals are IP 65 Certified for outdoor installation and use.
  • ACTAtek’s integrated biometric fingerprint technology prevents problems of “Buddy Punching” where employees may pass on their ID’s to clock in despite not being present on the site.
  • ACTAtek Sync was provided to synchronise logs to all terminals on site.
  • ACTAtek terminals are “Network Ready” with TCP/IP LAN connectivity and IP Addressing for web base remote access.
  • Terminals are integrated with door lock mechanisms to prevent intruders accessing the site for Access Control. Also compatible with HEET turnstyles.
  • ACTAtek TA software allows senior managers to quickly analyse employee records and attendance reports.
  • ACTAtek’s TA also allows report payroll integration to reduce administration times and utilise maximise productive efficiency.

Due to the intuitive design and simple installation processes, the company quickly adopted the biometric time attendance and access control system with ease. Derek spoke of how easy the ACTAtek was to use:

“It was very easy to learn and use. Within a week our employees had become comfortable with using the device. On the configuration side it was very easy to configure and install.”

Backed up by ACTAtek’s technical support, Belize Natural Energy and Derek was confident that they had made the right investment towards their workforce management and highly recommends the ACTAtek unit for others to use in the industry.

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