ACTAtek has partnered with Payroll Guardian ( to provide a complete solution for time and attendance and payroll applications. Using the ACTAtek platform described below, Payroll Guardian has installed this solution with clients in the hospitality, retail, and enterprise vertical markets.

Payroll Guardian is a strong combination of product and service. Utilizing a powerful and proven payroll engine, Guardian combines flexibility and complexity “behind the scenes” so that you enjoy a streamlined product that serves your needs for quick time entry, easy payment processing, and intelligent access to pay information.

Understanding Payroll is also to understanding the diversity in processing requirements across various industries. That’s why Guardian can operate payrolls for sawmills or healthcare, municipalities, distributors, hotels, manufacturers, piece work, sales, service, even research organizations, for multiple companies, unions, divisions, branches, and departments, for 50 or 50,000 employees, in Canada or the United States and at a very affordable price.

RosterLive( is an Australian company that delivers a leading-edge,web-based, workforce management and rostering solution. Companies are able to automate and streamline many labor-intensive processes involved in managing employees, allowing pre-emptive cost avoidance and substantial savings throughout the business.RosterLive is tightly integrated with Actatek terminals allowing clients to capture actual times worked. This allows easy comparison between actual times worked and planned hours in the roster. RosterLive is developed utilizing proven, leading-edge technologies, which many renowned organizations have embraced and are enjoying the benefits of.

More product information can be found at this link.

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