The Bali Psychiatric Center (Department of Health) based in Taiwan offers mental psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation services for vulnerable people within the local community.

  • Employing around 300 people to cater for their healthcare services, Bali needed a time attendance system with RFID smart card identification built in.
  • Required the ability to take photo time stamps of each transaction made by workers for verification purposes and security within the premises

ACTAtek in conjunction with Aviso Tech Inc of Taiwan incorporated the following solution for Bali Psychiatric Center:

  • ACTAtek’s Smart Card Time Attendance Solution with ACTAtek TA software provided by Aviso Tech Inc of Taiwan.
  • Aviso Tech Inc adapted ACTAtek Smart Card Terminals with RFID capability to track employees location on site.
  • Built-in CMOS Camera allows snapshots of each transaction made by workers for verification purposes.
  • ACTAtek TA Software solution allows work hours to be calculated and produce time attendance report reducing administration time.
  • ACTAtek TA provides detailed analysis on registered employees as well as their photos to compare against each transaction made.

Bali was overall pleased with the levels of support and the efficiency of service provided by ACTAtek and Aviso Tech Inc. for their Time Attendance requirements and would highly recommend the system for others as well.

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